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Questions for writing a personal letter

Today I’m going to talk about....

1.What’s your name? What is your surname?
2. How old are you?
3.Where are you from?
4.Where do you live? With who? Where? (in a flat, in a house...)
5.When is your birthday?
6.How are you? (I have got.... / I am tall, clever, strong...)
7.How many pets have you got?
8.What do you like doing in your free time?
9. My favourite... is.....
10.Have you got an instagram account?

See you later, See you soon or Talk to you later, Write Soon, Bye Bye...


                                                                                      Monday 11th January 2016
Dear Jose,

Today I'm going to talk about me.
My name is Laura. My surname is Pujol. I’m eleven years old and I live in Lloret de Mar in a very big house. I'm from Girona. I have got long, curly and dark brown hair and light green eyes. I haven’t got glasses. I’m tall / short / strong / weak /clever / smart / beautiful / ugly /thin / fat...

I live with my parents. My mum’s name is Maria and my dad’s name is Luis. I have got one brother and two sisters. His name is Miquel and her names are Margarita and Josefa. I have got a dog and three birds. Their names are Zeus, Chispita, Crispi and Pitas. I haven't got any cats.

In my free time I like listening to music, reading books and playing on the computer, but I don’t like playing football or dancing. My favourite colour is blue. My favourite food is pasta. My favourite singer is Bruno Mars. My favourite number is twenty-one. My favourite animal is the lion. My favourite sport is basketball, my favourite TV programme is La Que Se Avecina, my favourite football team is Barça, my favourite school subject is I.C.T., my favourite football player is Neymar and my favourite book is Hulk.

I hope you like my letter. Write soon.
Love, Laura    

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